WEEK 7 / SEM 2

This week has been so.. err, what eh? Typical, maybe. No night classes, so I was beyond grateful -___-" UPS is within 18 days. Am I prepared? 40%. I am currently :

 Trying to catch up with piles of works to be done. Lots and lots of tutorial questions to do and submit. Catching up with the Simple Harmonic Motion thingy which drives me insane!! Being consistent with my 2km jogging distance per day despite the hectic schedule. Try not to flunk in Mathematics anymore. Be as cool and calm as I can (simply because everyone else is freaking out about exam -___-" UPS je pun..). Try to make my parents happy with my quizzes marks.   

Ah so much things actually..

Loved Ones.

Like school days.. 

Where my 2km begin..

....and I still can't believe that my desk is as neat as this for this week. Yay!

Amoi nak pegi sekolah.

cross eyes, aren't they? >_o Aku pun tak pasti HAHAHA

Sekarang aku rasa aku perlu pengukuhan utk subjects yg aku amek.
 Segalanya bermula dgn attitude ye, harap maklum.


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