بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)

For every 9 weeks after midsem/semester break, matriculation students will be sitting for UPS/PSPM respectively. So yeah, I am currently in week 8. Just another week left before UPS starts. Time really fleet away like a lightning. I felt like it was just yesterday when I felt all gloomy after 2 weeks of semester 1 break.  Everything is going smooth for now except physics -____-" I don't quite fathom Simple Harmonic Motion, and I forgot how Rotational of A Rigid Body works hahahaha Alzheimer alert!! -____-"

This week fleet so fast, you know!! I was overwhelmed with works that I forgot my 6th monthsary with Adam -____-" so much things happened and I just have to adapt. Adam has been so amazing since day 1 :') he has been there to shine bright my days like a diamond hahahahaha (aku tgh suka lagu tu, excuse me). I am a lucky girl to have a best friend slash full time lover like him :)
cantik gila langit masa ni! :D

Ini gambar pagi masa nk pergi kelas...

Bila dah nk tgh hari, baju tema biru pulak -____-" semata sebab budak kelas nk tema biru utk photoshoot.
Sehari dua pasang beb!

This, always made my day :)

Malam rabu ada Pre UPS Kimia, I didn't know that when I was snapping this picture,
the exam has already started actually HAHAHA aku lambat almost 30 mins -___-"

My free dinner! Akak cafe carina belanja makan lps Pre UPS :D


Aku rasa tgn aku susut -__-"

Oh and, getting full marks for trigonometry is an absolute bliss!
 Aimi, aku dh boleh ajar kau dh hehehe peace! 

Surprise from Adam :) Caramel cheesecake and cotton candy! My cravings of the week -___-"
Kenapa aku mcm... err pucat? T___T

Went to Empire Subang for early dinner at Chilis!
Yayyy, Adam punya gelang rumah hantu aku amek! HAHAHA
Motif amek gmbr ni? Aku suka cermin besarrrrrrrr! So, I was batak :p

Being a bimbo by doing chemistry while watching football and munching on my chicken crispers :p

I can't wait for UPS -____-"


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