WEEK 9 / SEM 2

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)

It's the 9th week of SEM 2 which remarks the soon-to-be-seated Midsem Exam (UPS). Yeah, next week on Tuesday the exam starts :) Time SERIOUSLY fleet like lightning!! Arghhhh, I SOOOO can not believe this hahahaha!! Another 9 weeks and SEM 2 ends -____-" mashaAllah, how I grew :') 

Study has been kinda smooth for me except Physics which I am still figuring it out and I seriously have to improve with Maths -____-" Mak, Ayah and Adam will freaking nag to my ears for weeks if I flunk again hahahaha!! B should be okay I think :) insyaAllah, nesa..

I've been having neck-shoulder cramp (?) and headache these days. Stress maybe? HEH.

I have 3 days to revise back what I have learnt, insyaAllah everything is going to be okay.. I just need to do A LOT better than last semester. I need to catch up my pointer, I am sooooo left behind. So sad.. But mehh, I do not be good to compete with my rivals. I just wanna be as good as I can, push myself to the limit. I am greatly grateful for being in KMS with such ambiance though it's so tiring. Somehow you need that initial pressure to keep you moving forward bits by bits and start progressing consistently. I just have to prove to myself that I can do better in this semester despite the toughest chapters such as differentiation, mechanical waves, simple harmonic motion, application of differentiation, ionic equilibrium, trigonometry, multimedia etc etc..

Sounds so fancy hahahaha!!

I must do something -____-"

nyawa of the week hahaha

rainbow :)

clumsy as I am -___-" tumpah oat atas meja..

my addiction 

nice view :)

Balik time!! At Putrajaya!

gelak excited train lalu belakang HAHAHA

Elok sangat lengan baju anak dara sorg ni -___-" bila ntah nk belajar jd proper T__T

I hope everything will gets better in time :)


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