RANTING : Women and clothes.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)
These days, I had a thing for clothes. Probably because I go to classes wearing the freaking SAME baju kurungs for every semester (so far).. The only days that I feel to wear a bit fancy (eh?), are during exam days. Yeah, exactly, because it marks the beginning of semester break and I'm hyperventilating. Hence, the fancy baju kurungs. Nevertheless, my baju kurungs aren't so fancy pun sebenarnya. It's just I'll be wearing the ones that I rarely don. My coursemates will all be like "ceh, cantik baju? pegi kuliah tk pakai pulak baju ni?" and I'll answer "excited nak balik weh.."
What a weird bimbo..
So yeah.. I think it is not so late for me to rant about my resolutions this year. (Gila kau? dah february dah oi!).. (Ada aku kesah? hewhewhew..).. So, this year are just gonna be a simple and happy year for me. I don't settle for tough resolutions. 1st, I just wanna be light-hearted. Kita bertenang dan senyum.. :D
But apart from those resolutions (not written above and back to the thesis statement), I wanna revamp my closet!!! If you know me VERY VERY well, I am not this kind of person. I don't really care of the things I put on my body, in terms of clothes, excuse me.. HAHAHA I am that very simple girl who can go out donning my hockey jersey, jeans, simple tudung bawal and my sling bags, andddd my sneakers. I don't don slippers, not my nature. Bajet habis..
I somehow don't get the idea of how my friends and those hijabsters out there can wear fancy tudung, shawls, dress and all. No, I am not saying that they looked exaggerated, but instead I adore their rajinness. Nampak tak aku malas sebenarnya nak fancy bagai ni.. HAHAHA! Excuse me, there are my friends who spend hours in front of their closet thinking what to wear, how rajin lah you guys nak tercongok lama2 like that -___- Can't you just grab anything, wear something lah at least? HAHAHAHA!!
But still, I adore it when they looked so stunning :)
usaha tangga kejayaan :p
Back to my thesis statement (betapa daku senang distracted.. T__T),
revamping my closet here means throwing/donating away old clothes to those in need of them, like I once read an article at college about donation to Gaza. Maybe I can discuss it with Mak Ayah. Need more space for new babies (clothes). 
By that, I need to start collecting clothes HAHAHA I honestly think this is weird -___-" some people may say "perlu ke?".. Well, I don't think it is necessary for women to do it. But it's nature for us to get bored with the same routines and we need to do something about it. Patience matters, I guess. Why? Simple. I need time. To save up money and think of the kind of styles that I prefer to rock HAHAHA. Simplicity forever in my mind.. :p
I think it is really exciting when I visit my friends and they open up their closet and I get to know that there are clothes that still have price tags -___-" shows how much they shop, and somehow waste so much that I wanna lempang them -____-" I'm excited at the profound amount of clothes in their closet and how they RARELY wear the same clothes hahahaha!
I had a best friend telling me "kau takda baju lain eh?"..
That sounded cool........ if I'm a guy.
Problem is, kengkawan lelaki aku pun kemain fancy lagi baju depa T____T
 my goodness, such gay boys HAHAHA! Just kidding ^_^! 
Aliah, can you imagine me wearing something like this when we go lepak?
HAHAHA so not nesa..
But I love this dress. It's so freaking simple and.. yes, very cheap also. I am so stingy hajah bakhil. Might start to save up for my Closet-Revamp after my trip to Sabah with my girls, by the end of this semester, somewhere in May :)
Target : 
- fancy colours
- less black
- all covered-up
Wish me luck!
Must write a post about how I'm progressing by the end of this year!! Muehehehe!
At least I have a little project to do. A challenge to change myself, my appearance this year!
Fun! Fun! :D
I have problems with choosing different colours -___-"
Can't wait for this to progress :)


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