How KMS Connect Us Both :)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)
Well, I am not gonna write about our story (Adam and I) all over again, from A to Z. That would bore people to sleep. It's just this morning when I woke up (feeling better than yesterday), I signed in to my blog and randomly go through comments in my blog. Surprisingly (his scornful remark these days, HEH), most of the comments were from him :) 

and as I go through the comments, I looked at the variety of posts under "From Mr Bf" label and found a post he secretly posted. A post he wrote for me when I was about to sit for my first examination in matriculation :)

Life at KMS has connect us both, actually. We started this relationship from a comment he left here on January 23, 2012 and we started to send email frequently. He asked for my number but I just ignored HAHA he gave his but what he didn't know is, I kept his number :p

Just 2 days (if I'm not mistaken) before I registered at KMS, I received a text from him. Surprising isn't it? The whole story of how he got my number would be too long to tell though hahaha. But that's it. We text each other since my very first day in KMS. He has been my companion even before I am official his girlfriend.

You know, I somehow think that without the support I got from him, I won't be able to realize few things. He is a helper, actually. You see, in life, you can never walk alone. You need a team. Maybe a companion. Someone better than you. For you to be inspired. For you to STAY inspired. Note the difference, peeps.
I was marveled by the way he advised me during those days. Yes, he was a lawyer and you know people like him know how to talk and influence -____-" and yes, I am proud of him :)

He said that KMS connect us both. So many times. I bet he's being grateful :p 

I was thinking these days whether I can score bettr for this semester or not. To be honest I have found my comfort zone where I love to waste time with my roommates and left my works abandoned. Or let say, I have something that I dont understand, I would just ignore -___-" my attitude is depressing :p 

Last semester, I didn't score as good as most of my course-mates. They get 3.5 and above, mostly. Well me? I settle for only 3.25 hahaha. BUT HEY! I think that's good enough. Why? Different people have different type of endurance. I was slow in settling in and coping with the new environment, so I had trouble with low self-esteem and self-pity :p I think too much, I guess. But no kidding ah, if you're an average kind of student, don't settle for matriculation cz you'll flunk. UNLESS if you're flexible and bold enough to go through the whole semester. In my case, the conclusion is, aku manja.

I salute my friends for their hard work and how they can cope with the life in KMS. It's a prison -____-" most of them are from boarding school, so they can stand living like that, but not me. I left boarding school 6 years ago, so technically, I forgot how to settle in HAHAHA. I salute them for being so damn diligent and proactive. May success be with them and may Allah cleanse their heart.

Since day 1, Adam has been giving me moral support. It's just starting few months ago, when he started to be occupied with works, he let me be independent :) I learnt to keep things to myself, solve it on my own. I had a problem with competition and rival where I see and experience it myself. Somehow I would sit on my bed, munch on biscuits and think whether I will survive or not. I would think about my parents. I would think about those inspiring people out there, how they make their parents proud of them. I wonder how they do it. How they maintain. I need to solve bits by bits. 

Well yes, I have another one week to ensure that I pass this semester with a better result. 
Better than 3.25, obviously. 

Adam and I are like best friends, you know. He hoped that I would get better result this semester. I too, pray for the same. He has done lots of things to make sure that I live in happy KMS life. Trust me, he did. I just hope that I would repay what my parents had sacrificed, also what he did for me. It's just so frustrating if my result isn't getting better. 

KMS once connect us both and change the way I looked into life itself.
Life in KMS is a gift from Allah :')
Dear Allah,
I hope my result won't be frustrating.
Aminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!! :)

Writing this as an average matriculation student


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