2nd Semester of 2013

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :) 
Coming to a thought that going back to KMS isn't that bad is somehow ridiculous. This morning I woke up and think "dkt sana ada shue, ika, ezza, tashe etc.. not that bad actually". So after subuh I grabbed a new book and start reading it though I barely had enough sleep last night, I slept at 3am. Oh boy, my eyes.. suddenly I realized today's date! Waaaaa, time really flies. So, being lame, I thought of writing few resolutions. Azam tu kena setiap hari hahahaha walaupun tak buat :p 

When I was thinking of what I want to do.. I came across an online blogshop. I stared at the models with their attires and hijab. Hmmmm.. these ladies.. 

Aku rasa lately ni trend pakai tudung labuh dada tu semakin diterima ramai. well, bagus lah. aku pun terikut jugak. kdg2 tu lupa daratan gak, tapi ada tukang ingat kan. tapi kdg2 aku rasa susah gak nk tutup aurat betul2 ni. kalau gerobok kau penuh baju yg tk berapa nk proper, it's an issue, you know. 

oh i love girls with skinny jeans. i wish i can wear one. however, my big fat thighs forbid me. ttba aku terfikir, skinny jeans tu bukan ketat ke? hmm, salah konsep dah ni. tapi those girls nmpk cantikkkkk.

i really hope i can be a good girl, you know. menutup aurat memerlukan praktis. when i was 17, i was still reckless about this issue. i ditched my tudung during training sessions simply bcz i had to wear the hockey goalie helmet and it was blistering hot.

few months later, i started to keep donning the hijab. just don it. somehow, life at kms somehow made me challenge myself. bagus gak ah walaupun seksa nk keluar comfort zone tu hahaha. well of course i am still trying to be constant.

ok lets be honest here. i need new clothes, actually hahahaha!


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