somehow in life, you wished some things never happened. though it happened because you let them happened. that, my friend, is regret. it happened to all of us. regret is here, within us. some chose to ignore, some chose to overcome.

as you walked through life, regret will haunt you. break you.

but it's always a choice.

Allah promised to be there, for you, though somehow you feel shattered when you were left alone. you wanted a way out from the burden you've hanged on for some period of time. painful, it is.

life wont promised you a guaranteed bliss. nobody will ever guaranteed anything.

but that is when faith seeps in you.
faith keeps you going.
faith embrace you.
faith enlightens you because it shines the darkest route.

install faith to everyone you'll meet.
because only faith that keeps you going.
the very last hope for you.

in other words.

it will bring you 'there'.
it's your last hope.


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