WEEK 8 / SEM 3

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)
week 8 means, mid semester test is around the corner. this semester is the semester that time fleets too fast. too fast that i cant catch up with the rhythm. but i guess that is how life rolls. unexpectedly challenging. that is when fun starts to seep in our daily routine. my english lecturer said that nothing in life is boring. it's the way you see it and alter it. life is boring though. esp when the workloads are taxing.

adam goes to work everyday before dawn and he always reminds  me that if i complain, i gotta think of others who had to work triple harder than me (that is, him). i guess he's trying to drag me to bear our duties together.

towards a future together.

im glad to have humble friends in my room now. esp my former roommate. wallahi i love that girl though she's a victim of my random jokes and sarcasm. gosh, i need to polish my manners with her. she's too soft, i often 'take advantage' of that. hahahaha!

wallahi i love her.

friend. society had made me think that friends stay. but they dont. esp when we lead different views and duties. all my life, friends (i could say) come first. not that i put my family behind but whenever im home, i have nobody to talk with.

i just hope that i'll see how family can be my first place i called 'home' :)

oh ya, i like being honest. i find that easy. well, to be honest, im scared. future is intimidating. when i was on my way from Banting to Kuala Lumpur for iftar, i sat next to an acquaintance. soon we talked about future and such. i had a feeling that future is really a risk for all of us in matrix. getting 4 flat doesnt guarantee you a place in university. 

talk about competition, huh? it's mad!!!

then came Mak and Adam whom by the love Allah has bestowed, reminded me that i shall not worry. indirectly they convinced me that they're going to be my strength when the day comes. they told me that leave the rest to Allah.
i've forgotten about redha. sigh.

busy life that leads you astray is sickening, isnt it? when being redha is no longer in yr conscious mind, you know something is wrong somewhere.

i forgot that i can only control what i can control. that is, effort.
i shall leave everything else to Allah.
put my trust to Him solely.

i hope you guys are doing great. hope you guys including me, grow up being a better muslim and person.

life is tricky though. hold on. trust Allah :)
surround yrself with people who will encourage you to be better and make yrself happy.

everything is going smooth. trust Allah.

a way i release stress, photographing beauty that surrounds me. subhanaAllah :)


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