It's Been 5 Years Since I Last Met Her.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
 Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his companions and family :)

Adam asked me to do him a favor. I need to go to Mid Valley to pick up his clothes, that's what he said. So I did. He woke me up, and off I went to Mid Valley. Despite having my purse left at home, I continued my journey with a reluctant heart. Oi, gua dah plan nak gi tgk movie, cemana nak tgk movie kalau purse dah tertinggal -___-"

He was worried that I couldn't make it to meet the person I was supposed to meet to collect his clothes. I know I will make it. Just a lil late. Hehe!

So I walked to MPH as I was texting him..

"Cemana nak tahu mana satu orgnya?"
"Jap" he said.

So I stepped into MPH and roamed around. Waiting for him to reply the text.

And suddenly...


I turned to where the voice is coming and I saw...

Amira Hanani Abd Kadir!!!!!!!

Who is she?
She's my long lost best friend whom I havent met since 2008 (I think it's 2009, but she said it was 2008, ye lah nani). I left Johor on 2008, and few months after that, I came back to Aspuri to pay a visit. I remember I jumped out of the car and ran towards her. My pinky promise partner. 

5 years.
Things changed. I changed. She changed. She looked the same, her voice and the way she speaks, totally different. Her laughter was also different. She changed to a better person. With her glittery shawl, she is still the same nani. 

Idk whether I have forgotten who she was or she truly changed. I saw her sitting like a lady and I murmured 

"gosh nani, we both a growing up like a lady.. how time flies..."

I, on the other hand, am totally different. I know. I grew chubbier. Hahahaha! That was obvious! 

The mistake I did was watching KL Gangster 2 while we both could actually catch up on each other's life, sit at a corner, in a restaurant, chomping on some foods and yeah... talk.

Sorry Nani. It has been 5 years, I do feel awkward. Hahahaha! 

Irony how we both have been living in Shah Alam for the past 12 months (she's in UiTM Shah Alam, I lived there) but we still didnt get to meet each other.

Not until Adam set a plan :')

Somehow it's intimidating. The fact that I could lose her anytime scares me. She is a best friend I never want to trade with anything. I never will. She was the only person who have the guts to actually pour hot tea over me bcz I kept pestering her as she was doing her homework. I went merajuk for a week and what she did was she gave me a surprise. A green box tied with an orange ribbon, with a white blouse in it. Hahahaha! The only girlfriend I have who does stuff like that. She isnt like that ok! I know her. Hati kering punya makcik!

We rarely contact each other actually. We dont need to. We both know this friendship stays. She is like my soul sister. Not mere best friend.

5 years are enough to create a barrier between us. We both go through different things and only contacted each other once in awhile. We once fought. I was in Selangor and she was in Johor. She asked to forget everything we both had. Gila makcik ni. So there I was, weeping like a baby. And we departed since then. 

But we somehow know that the bonding will stay. By fate, until now, she is in the list of people I will clutch to. 

I know, maintaining a friendship isnt easy especially when you lost contact and never try to respond, but whatever shit that happens, Im glad she's still here. 

I thanked Adam for all of his efforts :')
Im thankful.

Nani and I are two different people now. Difference might brings us closer. Im happy I have her. We looked alike weh! Hahahaha!!

We should spend more time together after this. As what I told my friends in KMS, Im starting to select those friends that clicked with me right away and surely be my advisor through hardship and ease. 

(Read : pengapit) hahahahaha!!

To have few best friends are just bliss. Friends keep me sane, Adam completes me and family is my strength. 

I was excited upon meeting Nani. I didnt expect this meet up. Totally speechless when I saw her. Idk how to react. I shrieked though hahahahaha! 

You'll always be my soul sister.
Stay, Nani.
Im bringing you to my future :)


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