MUET Speaking.

All praise be to Allah and glory be to Him.

Im done with MUET speaking and alhamdulillah I didnt do anything that would take me down in the mouth. Though I make few mistakes, Im just glad I didnt feel dejected. I am still able to be positive and stay sane. Glad!

While waiting for our turn in the quarantine room :) 

The topic was on good manners should be practiced at school and that is something quite easy to tackle for everyone, isnt it? It's appicable to all of us. So I could sum up that my topic was okay lah

Thankful to Allah that my examiners were all okay, smiling all the way. 

Walked into the room with a smile on our faces so we could actually bring up the positive and more relaxed ambient during the test and glad the examiners werent making faces. 

The next tests would be on listening, writing and reading :) I hope I'll nailed it! In sya Allah.

XO, Nesayang.


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