Pain In The Chest

Often do I experienced minor illness as exam is getting near. Today, I woke up for subuh congregation prayer with a normal feeling. No pain. Nothing. I just need to pee so badly. So I went straight to the mosque and approached the loo. That was the time when the left lower abdomen of mine experienced a sharp pain that it affected my chest. Sharp pain also. I felt this before but normally it wont take so long to retrieve. So I said to myself it's okay lets solat, maybe after that it'll retrieve. But to no avail. The pain was there. I didnt wait for the doa recital, I went back to my room. Sat on my bed, grab the Quran in hope that it'll be better. But again, I was wrong. It gets worst. I somehow had to stop reciting, wait for a few seconds to bear the sharp pain in the chest and then continue. That's it, final solution.


I always believe that sleep heals almost every minor illness, so I slept. Skipped my morning classes in hope that I can attend the remaining classes. The pain is still here as Im typing this, but just a mild one. I'll be going to the clinic tomorrow morning. 

I dont think the medical assistant will tell me what is wrong -_-" there is no doctor in the clinic ok! They are medical assistants. It's okay. 

I googled few chest pains. It may due to acid reflux. Or Angina. Idk. Certainly Im not a doctor, so I shall stop jabbering.

Setiap kali nak exam lah aku sakit.
Hm.. khifarah dosa.

Take care!
Assalammualaikum :)


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