Teringat Tahun 2002

Aku baru balik solat subuh. Tadi ttba terperasan yg dah 3 semester aku dkt sini, most people prone to stay up at wee hours to study and very less of them wake up early to study. Im not the kind of student who can actually stay up for hours to do works, I'll get sleepy and surely cant focus. 1am is the maximum for studying. 

Year 2002,
I was in standard two. I remembered having so many homeworks to do before I went to sleep, so I decided to wake up at morning (masa ni tgk jam pun tk berapa reti haha!). Not knowing what is the exact timing of "morning", I just woke up and realize that it's still dark outside and continued my work. I have a habit of doing my homeworks in front of the door of my room, I couldnt fathom why until now haha! But that was a lucid memory that I still keep.

I remembered the sound of the wind outside as it was about to rain. I was all alone. Doing tulisan jawi. The letter I wrote was "jim". You know, the kind of homeworks teacher would give to you when you were just 8. 

11 years have time drifted away..
I cant foresee myself for the next 11 years. Where would I be? Who am I?

Mmm... writing essays at dawn and it's cozy because it's raining heavily is surely an absolute bliss and my kind of favorite thing :)

Things will get better, I'll be okay.

XO, Nesayang.


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