WEEK 16 / SEM 3

Sem yang paling tak consistent aku update blog. Sem paling tricky (tak susah, tapi tricky). Sem paling aku redah je balik even kolej ada event. Exam aku start Oct 25, Jumaat. Aku pun tak fhm kenapa Jumaat. Sem ni Matrikulasi punya takwim cam merapu sket. Semua rushing and last minute. Ttba aku teringat masa aku makan dgn Hanim dkt Hard Rock. Ya Robbi.. masa tu la depa text and inform yang aku kena balik asrama hari ahad. It was Friday. Gila! Kena packing in rush. Mentally tak ready nak menghadap sem 3 and now... semester 3 is ending. Being in the 16th week means I only have 2 weeks remaining before PSPM 3. I. Can. Not. Believe.

 you sure sprint faster each month -.- 

Rasa mcm baru smlm makan dkt Hard Rock dgn Hanim, gelak2, ttba dpt text tu. Aku igt lagi disebabkan ke-kabut-an masa tu, aku hanya berupata utk focus pada 20 minit pertama kelas. Thank God aku cepat2 pulihkan diri hahahahah! Kalau tak, kecundang. Sem ni yg susahnya kimia. Byk sgt reaction mechanism. Specifically utk Alkenes. Next sem mula la ketones, benzenes, carboxylic acid etc. Damn right, a whole chapter about those functional group. Man, now I understand why making crude oil is very crucial. The basic process is already killing me mentally -_- all hail engineers!

Say hello to my chemical reaction of alkenes note. I literally have 11 mechanisms there and those are just the products of reaction, not the WHOLE reaction. -_-" 

Works are piling. I cant wait for this Friday. I'll be heading back to SA on saturday morning though. It's okay. Will spend my friday night watching movies with my friend. 

This Friday means no more classes, lecturers giving extra classes etc. I bet the lecturers (some of em) will be loving it too. Hahaha! 

The aim for this week is to compile all past year questions' answers and working methods, as preparation for my beloved study week. Hello, I do study during study week ok! Study week is one of my escapism.

Arghhh. Stressful week indeed..

I talked to Adam just now, ranting about how stressful I am. (Oh God, the same rant all over again since semester 1), but he bear with me. He was sleepy hahaha! 

"Taknak bawak saya naik Audi awak ke?"

That was his remark. Trying to provoke me. I somehow lose focus with my vision. My vision and focus went haywire. 

Somehow I felt down in the mouth that I couldnt do anything but to sleep early and restart tomorrow by going to the mosque and perform the subuh congregation prayer. Of course, in hope God will accept all these struggles and have mercy on me.

The numb I felt in my brain somehow made me sat alone in despair, thinking of so many chapters to catch up. I cant imagine being a PST (program satu tahun) matriculation student..

Somehow I would turn on the surahs and songs that could console me. Oh my.. so teruk. And yes, gratitude is what keeps me going from semester 1. 

Syukur padaMu ya Allah.

I better sleep now.
Tiring weekdays await.
Assalammualaikum everyone :)

- nesayang


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