WEEK 18 / SEM 3

Study week = week 18. It'll always be like that bcz we only have 18 weeks per semester. Honestly, I have been trying to study and be wise in choosing how to kill time other than studying. That is, procrastinating hahaha! My study schedule is packed but somehow I couldnt managed to stay on track. I didnt literally follow the schedule, but waking up at 4am is really an achievement. It shows that Im ready to brainstorm. 

It's okay, slow pace. No pressure. I dont wanna push too hard cz I know I'll be tired mentally and it'll be hard for me to stay sane, calm and happy. There's no room for giving up now. Though Im pacing slowly, not giving up is the mission now. 

This friday (oct 25) would be the first day of semester 3 final examination. I have 6 days if leisure before proceeding to the next papers which are on Monday (oct 28). 

I hope I'll do better this time. This semester is my one and only hope so that I could pass above 3.5 . Just a littleeeeeee bit more. If I score a perfect 3.75 this semester, CGPA will be exactly 3.5 . Just nice isnt it? 3.75, the minimum I should grasp. I can do this. I want this!!

Chin up, nisa. You're almost there :)


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