End of SEM 3 Break.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I still remember the first day I enrolled in KMS. The moment I was queuing and looking around, staring at those anxious faces, ready to get their name registered. I know nobody at that time except for few of friends from school. I enrolled in KMS with the rumors saying that life in matriculation is one hell of a journey. It's tough. It's fast learning system. You gotta work fast, absorb fast, adapt faster. I remember coming back from class, crying because it was mentally exhausting. That was semester 1.

I settled in during semester 2 where I was doing better than semester 1. Being among DL student is really shocking and that explains why semester 2 was better than 1. I settled in quite better. Everyone was doing even better during semester 2.

Baru balik exam. Semester 2.
Semester 3 drifted away too fast that I didn't realize I have been in  KMS for 3 freaking semesters and I survived.... quite well (despite few times that I was lost). Too many changes in this semester and I had to adapt fast. Chemistry is no longer the simple physical chemistry, it's now organic chemistry. Tough one, I tell you. The mechanisms., hydrohalogenation, ozonolysis etc. Oh my God. 

Next monday will mark the first day of my last semester. MY LAST SEMESTER IN MATRICULATION COLLEGE. I just love that phrase so much that I wanted to print it out big enough to paste it to the wall next to my bed -_- the trickiest semester. Programming, Organic Chemistry. Idk what Physics has to offer. Maths is getting easier, they say. Pffttt lie. 

Am I excited for my last semester? Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Will I do better? definite yes.

So many things to do, so many obstacles await.
I just hope time will fly faster than before.
I am so excited for my last day in KMS.
Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr excited!

Nisa, be a good girl. Please shine brighter than before.


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