Selamat Tinggal 2013, Hello umur 20-an! (SIGH)

Today will be the last day of 2013. Frankly, there's so much that I have learned in this year. Too much that I cant organized it here hahahaha

1) it's okay to ask.
I learned to ask. Specifically, to be brave to ask. In life, there is no such thing as stupid question. Ask away if you want to.

2) who we are today resemble the future generation.
Whenever i sit and ponder, i'll be thinking what changes should i make and start to think of my weaknesses that i have. I wanted a better quality of life. I wanted to be better than who i was, i wanted my children to look at me as an example and hence i needed to start changing from day to day. I resemble my children, i tried to be better.

3) be better than yesterday will make you a better person everyday.
I set goals everyday and for each goal achieved (even the simlplest ones), i am happy and proud. A better Anisah for the future.

4) health is like a crown that only the sick knows its worth.
I used to be hospitalized for every 4 years since 2005 and luckily this year I stay healthy! Throughout this year I didnt suffered cough or flu. Just a slight fever that recovered by taking panadol and sleep. Thank you Allah for the health! 

5) dreams are possible reality
This year is the year that i was one of the dean's listed student for that particular semester and i learned that dreams are possible reality. I used to think that i cant go beyond the boundaries that my mind has set. But i passed it. If i can dream abt something, i can achieve it.

6) travel the world gives better view of life.
I went to Langkawi, Sabah and Singapore this year amd these trips taught me so much. I dream to travel more for 2014!

7) good intuition comes from God, do it straight away!
Whenever I passed an intuition of doing good stuffs, i tried to do it straight away. Else, i have regrets. Dont hesitate of doing good stuffs.

8) good hearts are everywhere and appearance doesnt tell us that the heart is fine.
I learned that anyone could have a good heart. I learned to look at everyone with expectation that they are good-hearted people though some proved me wrong. 

9) speak in english, have better articulation.
English is vital everywhere now. I learned that it is okay to talk in english as long as i know where do i belong and the situation that is suitable to speak in english. I live in a society who still speak in malay. I learned to control my speed and be calm as i speak.

10) people lie and that's between them and God.
Im sure that when you are being lied to, technically it means that you are betrayed, oppressed in terms of not getting the truth or rights that you deserved and islam says that the prayers of oppressed people are grantable. I learned that it is not okay when someone lied to you. That is betrayal. It proves how that person takes advantage of your leniency. I used to be someone who rarely care about being lied to but not for the upcoming years.

11) talk to yr fmly and make a connection.
I come from a fmly that is very brief in talking (sometimes). I learned to make connection and stay energetic though they rarely layan me hahahaha. Why? Bcz being the only energy in the family makes me human. It makes me feel complete.

12) a partner is a strength and muse.
Adam has been with me throughout this whole year without fail though his works are piling like unconquerable mountains :p but i learned that having a better future with him is also a possible reality and he has been my muse and inspiration to do better in my study and becoming future mommy-cum-zaujah.

13) life is about giving.
Im a cheapskate (very kedekut) but Adam taught me to give. I learned this year that giving makes me happy and Allah gives more as i started to give. It was hard bcz im very stingy (still very stingy), but i learned slowly. Eg : buy extra donuts and offer it to people near me. I used to eat all donuts alone, you know hahahaha. I dont bother to ask. 

14) dont think about how people view yrself, seek knowledge, have manners, you are good to go. 
I learned to ignore my thoughts abt how people view myself and just focusing at my aptitude and my possible reality. 

These are the things that i learned in 2013. I try to set new resolution everyday and I do have resolution throughout 2014 :

1) no fast food
2) no maggi
3) no sleeping in class
4) eat healthy
5) frequent milk intake
6) exercise more
7) read more
8) travel more
9) save money
10) write diary
11) less mencarut
12) less backbiting
13) stay stingy hahaha (read:strict in spending money)

2014, bring it on :) 


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