WEEK 1 / Final Semester (4)

Officially, November 26th marked the first day of my final semester in matriculation and everyone is hyperventilating about it. I started my final semester with few things that I needed to catch up and adapt. The management is changing our room. That means, we, the seniors who had to cramped in one room located at ground floor have to survey any vacant bed in other level because they'll be revamping our current room back to its former usage which is study room. I had hard time roaming around searching for vacant room, knocking on doors, facing kerek juniors who think they play kerek better than me without knowing that I play kerek the best among my friends hahahaha (ok poyo, ampun ya Allah). Day one drifted so fast that I was so happy imagining if everyday was like that hahahaha! 

Met the new juniors (current roommates), thank God they were all polite people. Well, at least, at the beginning :p Heck, as long as they stay clean and respect each other, Im all good. Idc if they are not really friendly, I too am not friendly.

Girls, we backbite somehow.. Pls God, forbid me from anything bad that comes from within my heart. Forbid me from thinking (read:assume) bad things about others. Forbid me from being a person who initiate any false assumption. Guide me to be a better person.. Amin..

Day 2 passed by with few conflicts inside my head. When I started to wonder how a friendship crumbles just bcz of few things and then I realized that there are so many types of people with so many personalities and intentions and some might take forever to show their true colour and one thing for sure is I need to think straight and pray to Allah to be a good-hearted person without any prejudice. I envy humble people sometimes. Sigh.. When all of these things happened around me, I beg to myself to be forgiving, to forget bad things people do to me. Allah, have mercy. 

Also, this final semester feels like the first semester again. Exactly like it. Imho, semester one was tough and I had to blend in with my new roommates/classmates and this semester, I have new ones. Alhamdulillah that I found a room with friendly juniors who are sooooo rajin. Asal aku melawat bilik je, dorang tgh study -_- Im starting to miss the former study room a.k.a our room. While everyone is packing their stuffs and moving out, I havent packed anything yet. Hmm... too attached huh nisa? Kinda.. I imagined my before-sleep activity, that is, study always study hahahaha. I'll miss the spot where I'll sit and talk on the phone with Adam. I'll get over this rindu, myself needs time though.. 

I tried to think of only good stuffs. For example, Allah arranged things to be like this, put us back to normal room (4 person/room) because he wants us to have more space and privacy to study. He knew that we are gonna face a tough final semester (talking about programming and organic chemistry? Oh yes, this is one hell of a semester hahaha!), so he's protecting us more from distraction. Well, those are at least, for me lah. I am truly grateful that these juniors are very helping and friendly. 

Day 3, marked the fact that I officialy moved out from my former room located at ground floor to the 2nd level. No bad haa? Alhamdulillah.. I hope things will be just fine.

Day 4 was soooo hectic bcz I had class from 8am to almost 6pm. With few issues and hard feelings I had, it was a tough day. I was soooooo ardent to wait for friday (balik time). I always have this feeling... the feeling whereby I felt so tiny in front of others. I feel like voicing out my opinions dont matter. Bcz I thought they wont listen or take my opinions. Or hm... nevermind... not all opinions should be accepted.  I had this some sort of sad feelings knowing that some friends here are not really like I expected. I mean like yeah I know people have their true colour but... sigh... aint this tedious? I hate humankind hahahaha! So be it, I have let go the feeling and just do what I need to do here. Perhaps all that have had happened or things I witnessed were just mere reflections of who I was and God wants to show it so that I could be better (positivity matters, friend). Sigh...

KMS and its rules are just plain stupid. I can not wait to get out from this place. 

I went back to SA on Friday all by myself which only cost me RM4.10 overall. Cheap isnt it??? I dont mind going back home every week with such fare :p I have few things to settle which are my passport, pegi survey part-time job dkt hotel and study. Study tak buat lagi padahal harini nak balik asrama dah. What a bad start. Hahahaha!

Takpa, kita tenang dulu. 17 weeks left before final exam of my freaking final sem in matrix! wehoo! Im about to leave that place! :D

XO, Nesayang.


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