Kerja lah, nis..

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I went out for occasional dinner at a random restaurant with my family yesterday. Then we started talking about so much things. I havent got the chance to dine with them since the last 2 months because I 'imprisoned' myself in KMS. Talking to my parents has always been a therapy. Though not entirely but subhanaAllah, it's a blessing which Allah (still) sends down to me. 

Cutting the story short, Mak told me about how old people nowadays can be pretty sarcastic sometimes..(well, I thought of this since long time ago... pfftt). I stared at her face and I could tell that there's something going on. So I asked her...

me : sapa perli?
mak : ada lah...~ kerjalah Nis.. nanti kerja..~
me : hm..

She was telling me abt someone's daughter got into USM because she scored 3.80 something in matriculation bla bla bla that kinda thing and that person was being sarcastic with her.

Knowing that Mak had to face that sarcasm, without being able to defend herself back (just bcz that person is older.. blerghh malaysians) is heartbreaking. I know deep inside Mak is hoping that I would succeed and have a stable career someday and prove to that person that her daughter (me) isnt as what she (perhaps) thought. Somehow this hurts. 

Kalau ikut hati, rasa nak lempang but oh please... only idiots would do that. Smart people will work their asses off and prove something real. 

Tbh, I am not sure of how well will I score for this final semester and tbh, there are times that I looked back at my last semester result and I lost hope. I thought that there's no way for me to further my degree in a course which I prefer. Yup, that's honest.

But hey, OPTIMIST! Chances are everywhere. God has already knew of the outcome of our effort, He just loves to see His servants working hard instead of loitering around. So, work! Just keeping working, moving, and pray. Make working, studying, seeking knowledge, doing productive stuffs a habit. Somehow His Blessings are bounded between time, sincerity and hard work. Please, stay optimist :)

I learnt that being optimist helped a lot. In my opinion, being optimist somehow can relate to your faith in Allah. Being optimist (imho) means seeing problems or hardships in the other way around. Say, you got 46 marks for maths (thats a D kan? not sure haha), BE OPTIMIST! You still have 54 marks floating around for you to catch. Say, time is running out and you need to arrive at a place at a particular time. You only have 1 hour left and from your estimation (traffic jammed etc), you thought that it would take more than 1 hour to arrive. BE OPTIMIST! Just drive, be optimist that you'll get there IN time, not just ON time.

Faith plays the role when you wanna be optimist. You gotta see things outside the box. See the favorable view of a hardship. Say, a rain makes you wet, but the rainbow afterwards makes you smile, kan? Be optimist with the rain, the time and the marks!

Im being optimist. I have only 2 and a half days for my final exam in matrix starts. Tbh, I havent been working hard as midsem (pls forgive me), but these remaining 48hours++ are golden. It's time to be optimist with time. I may temporized the time that I have during this study week, but mehh I dont have time to pressure. All I see is chances to do smoothly in exam.

Being optimist gives no room for a lot more what ifs or what could have beens.
Being optimist allows you to see only chances of possibilities though not most likely.
Being optimist allows you to have strong faith in Allah no matter how small the affair is.
Being optimist is a choice and a lifestyle.

Takda harapan? 
oh please, kita ada 24 jam nak usaha, THAT'S A LOT OF TIME, so stay OPTIMIST!

Semoga pilihan-pilihan yang kita buat adalah pilihan yang mendekatkan kita pada Pencipta Yang Maha Penyayang. Semoga kita menjadi optimist pada kuasaNya. Semoga urusan kita di akhirat dan dunia, dipermudahkan.

Semoga Siti Nur Anisah tercapai cita-citannya. Aaamiiinnnn.

Selamat ber-optimist!
Dr Anisah Ishak.
(eh come on la, bagi chance sikit nak berangan haha!)
Assalam :)

(Nyawa, if someday I am a doctor or a lawyer or anything, I'll make sure you'll be proud to introduce me to your friends and family, and we could help others to go through hardship)
PS : Nyawa --mak ayah, awak.


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