WEEK 9-18 / Final Sem

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Wowwww.. two months of hiatus. I've been gone for good, alhamdulillah. So, what happened to me since midsem break ended 2 months ago? Sooooooo much, subhanaAllah :) The last time I updated this blog was before I started my remaining final semester in matrix, that is during Chinese New Year break.

1. Midsem Result.
SubhanaAllah subhanaAllah.. Alhamdulillah wa syukrillah.. So much of hard work before the CNY break totally paid off when I nearly got 4flat. All As except Maths. Yes, Im not a big fan of numbers. I wouldnt be blogging if numbers are my forte :p Yup, I was totally flabbergasted when the result was released. Ah come on, for once after 2 years, I finally achieved something better. Not that I have never achieved anything but this keeps getting better and all of these achievements solely belong to Allah. SubhanaAllah I am so humbled. Simple because I am (honestly) an average student. Yes, we are all pandai but some of us.. uh.. well.. malas. Having too little push etc. I cant describe how thankful I was. SubhanaAllah. That result was like a motivation for me to push harder fpr the final exam next monday (!!!!!!)... 

2. Super hectic events.
Right after CNY break ended, KMS held so much of events every single weekend that I havent got my time to revise and it kinda disturbed me. Weekend is the only time for me to study freely without having to attend classes (oh yes, I hate classes) and I have homeworks like every single day and to sit and revise solely is kinda impossible when you have to sleep early for the next class tomorrow. Ah yes, Imma sleepyhead, I hate when things disturb my sleeping hours. Hahaha! Example of events that happened was :

- Hari Usahawan whereby we sell things to do the student. Kinda like Hari Kantin laa..
- Dinner PDT Batch 2012/2014, I was one of the volunteer to organize this dinner, so it was super hectic and so much of issues goin on at that time, totally exhausted
- Dinner Blok Mira , performed a song with a friend and won first place! 
- Outing sessions with friends for the sake of memories. I doubt that. Haha!

3. 2 months in Banting without going back home.
I have no capability to write every single details of what happened for the past 8 weeks but I was really overwhelmed with the routines and yes I didnt go back home weekly like how I did for the past 3 semesters hahaha! Another achievement! Oh please, a brat like me.. what would you expect :p But time drifted away and left me speechless to realize that I am still sane after 8 weeks in KMS. Filled my weekend with activities, so yeah.. I was all good, alhamdulillahhhh..

Cant believe that this 2-year journey in matrix will soon end. I am still pacing towards hard work for my final papers. Exam starts on 21 till 29 April. Such a big deal for me. I need to qualify myself to enter university life. May Allah ease my journey. Cant wait for Korea trip! Just few weeks left! Need to get fit! Score good grades and enjoy as much as I can! 

Got to go now, lots to be read and drill!
 Have a nice day, loyal readers :)


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