Syurga Tempatmu Berehat.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I have restrained myself from being connected to anyone except my family for about 3 days. Sometimes your thoughts get too jumbled up and form a big chunk of misery inside you and you cant really control the stream of emotions gushing through yourself.

I also had bad dreams which annoyed me to the core because Im the type of psycho who remembers dreams almost vividly. I still remember the very same dream that I WILL get each time I catch fever esp when I was in kindergarten. I was at a funeral. Yup, the same dream every time. Annoying isnt it? It bothers me so much that sometimes, when I was doing something, I had a flashback of those bad dreams.

Well, dwelling on stuffs like that made my productivity distorted. 
Moving on...

I'll be going to Masjid Negeri SA at fajr to pay my last respect to the ustaz that taught me how to recite the Quran properly. He passed away at 9.07pm June 9,2014. Shah Alam is mourning. I saw people wearing jubah and songkok etc in cars, perhaps they were on their way to Masjid Negeri. He was a great man. Very funny and full of wisdom. May Allah grant jannah to Ustaz Mustafa, for he has taught many people about the beauty of Quran. SubhanaAllah...

Lucky is he for eveyone is sad upon his demise. He contributed so much for the ummah esp the society in SA. We all are familiar with his voice. Esp during ramadhan. Next ramadhan would be different... May Allah place Ustaz Mustafa among His blessed servants in heaven, may his soul be kept with love by Allah, may he be granted bliss and joy in heaven, may Allah forgives his sins and may his family grows stronger by the grace of Allah.



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