Packing Up For Degree Life!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

3am, was so tired sebab tak cukup tidur the other night, wide awake packing up for degree commencement. . How time drifts so freaking fast, Im 20 already. Gonna face a lot of annoyance after this, I know. At this point, Im not sure whether Im excited or Im just so takda perasan hahaha. But, boleh agak dah nanti aku tiba-tiba takut masa register. Apabenda ntah mengarut. Pffftt.

I wish I can extend the long break after matrics ended, it was soooo awesome and all that I wanted for hahaha. Bermalasan di rumah, oh my... what a bliss~ It's okay, seeking knowledge is better than sleep, let's just do this, nisa. Degree je kot, simple. Belum soal jawab dlm kubur lagi.

Last things to do :
- isi borang and recheck
- recheck things to bring
- sleep well
- cry out lah apa kau nak cry out, nisa. sakai.

Have a nice day! ♥
PS : aku bantai converse yg lama tu utk degree ni, 
tgk berapa sem boleh tahan. Blh beat Nike tak. Heh.


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