UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

So, as you all may know, I have got the offer at UiTM Melaka City Campus and my parents are excited with the news that they planned to pay a visit which happened today hahaha. I think it was kinda absurd when we went there just for the sake of surveying the place and ambient, imagining the day I register and yada yada. 

Allahu, Im growing up. Yes, I still think Im 15 -__-

The place where I'll be having classes etc. Takpa, nnti I'll take you guys on tour of my campus okay? Hahahaha gila.. one-stand building je pun -.- Tak terfikir nak amek gmbr byk td, sibuk borak dgn polis bantuan.

My apartment which consist of 3 rooms! Alhamdulillah ya Allah! Dkt je campus dkt kolej. Like 5-10 minit je jln kaki (in accordance to my walking pace la), tapi kena lalu jalan besar. Ttba rindu matriks, merangkak pegi kelas pun takpa sbb still dlm kawasan tertutup. This campus is in the middle of the city yawww! -.-"

Few days ago right after they released which campus we're gonna enroll. Printed all the forms straight away after reading the panduan pendaftaran. Easy peasyyyy! Alhamdullilah!

I was staring at the forms when I suddenly smile and realized that "perghh perghh Im growing up like real doh. This is it, nisa. The thing you've been waiting for". The fact that I'll have to deal with Accounts is annoying me most of the time and have left me with sleepless nights since the result came out -.-" Accounts and me mmg can not go ah hahaha

But nonetheless, with Allah's mercy and your prayers, I'll survive this degree life just like how I survived matrics life. I just hope that I won't repeat the same mistake when I was in semester 3 back then -.-" 

Ayah agreed to accompany me tomorrow for medical check up, new bank account and get my documents stamped and signed by Pengetua sekolah. I hope all is well for tomorrow. 

Sejumlah kertas yg agak scary hahaha Imma be a degree student doh!!

If you were to ask my feeling at this time, I would say "I have uncertainty in my mind" hahaha still in dilemma whether I should enroll this course till the end or go for TESOL in IPTS. Haihh, I need clues, ya Allah..

But Im actually excited to be a university student, like seriously. Aneh-aneh je perangai hahaha perghh 2 tahun beb dkt matrics, you think it's easy??! You think it's easy to be average in matrikulasi and up to DL and down to below 3.0 and then escalated back to DL but still not be able to have a graduation day or a proper scroll??! 


I know degree life sucks with all the shits put together, but at least, you get a job based on your degree qualification, you got a scroll, a graduation day etc. It feels better after so much shits, you know. Hahaha.

I'll be having that roller-coaster journey everyone has been telling me for only 3 years okay! Wehoooo! I love UiTM and IB (International Bussiness). But, lets keep praying for a better future, aaminnn.

I hope you all will send me prayers for my healthy, happiness and success in this phase of my life. Syukur pada Allah di atas kesempatan utk cari ilmu dkt sini nanti, in sha Allah. 

Show me the right path and choice, ya Rahman. Aaminn.
Stay strong, nisa. You have to.

Have a nice day!


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