What The Preparation Taught Me?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It took me two days in a row to settle the things for my admission to UiTM. 1st day I was accompanied by Ayah to open up my new Maybank account and Maybank2u (yesza blh online shopping hahaha) and he let me settled everything else by myself. He just waited, scrolling FB and whatsapp-ing Mak. 

2nd day went even funny when Mak dropped me at Bank Islam and said "pegi bayar yuran sendiri", okay this is exciting hahaha Allah bless that brother who helped me for I was alone and Mak was in the car scrolling her whatsapp groups -.-

Also did my medical check up alone until I bumped into Syakirah my best friend which was so epic and funny hahaha because we meet almost everyday and meeting her there was weird because I walked into DEMC alone. Allah bless these people who helped me today.

Dr Gulam asked why I didnt do law instead when he knew that I got the offer for IB? Hahaha funny doctor, I wasn't eligible, I wished I was, doctor. He was so nice that he made me wanna be a doctor pulak dah hahaha. I'll always remember his good luck wish!

3 years after leaving school..

Everything about the document is done. I might start packing my stuffs now and prepare myself mentally hahaha oh my God, clock is ticking zzzzZZZzzz...

The fact that my parents trust me to do most things alone is just emm... confusing and exciting at the same time! I thought I'd shudder while dealing with those stuffs, but alhamdulillah it went well. At this moment I realized that I am, like really growing up. Getting into university and get to see and deal with all the documents by myself somehow helped me to know that a good future is never an easy gamble. It gives a closer approach so that I know how many hustle I have to go through just to be in university let alone growing up or get married or have a child or even paying the bills!!

Ah growing up is exciting but annoying too -__-" I had my parents all this while to settle these kinda stuffs for me, but today was different. I bet it was a bit of a challenge for my parents too to let me deal with those things alone because... well, Im clumsy hahaha. But I guess, when you're watching your own child grows, you gotta let go bit by bit, learn to watch from far, trust your child more. Allah is great, isn't it? :)

menanti giliran sambil membaca mmg tk terasa masa berjalan, 3jam rupanya aku menunggu hahaha sbb ramai gila patients
Life is moving in a pace whereby everything is like at the peak of transition. Once I start my degree, I know I'll be different. Well, I have to. Im not sure how life is gonna be in Melaka, I just realized that it's gonna be the first time for me to be 'far' away from home hahaha. I am seriously terrified with the fact that I'll be lost with degree life after this. You know, it's a more non-restricted educational institution whereby freedom is at the tip of my fingers, so hmm.. habis aku hahaha I wished I ended up sleeping in my room rather than loitering around.

5 years by now, I'll remember today. A day that I view myself as an adult, the day I trust myself to remain composed, the day I pushed myself up from bed and get these things settled because I realized it is my future that I am dealing with, so I gotta deal it under my closed supervision. It takes an awaken heart and mind to realize where life is moving, dear friends. I've been sleeping a lot these days.... ok this doesnt make sense hahaha 

Oyen sakit, so I brought her to the vet, cisss I kenot see her not active like usual -.-
Also when Mak called me right after Im done with the medical check up, saying "awak tolong bwk Oyen pegi vet boleh?". Knowing Mak, she isn't like that hahaha she knows how irresponsible I am sometimes but upon hearing that, I immediately say "okay boleh boss" :p Having Oyen around taught me to be less kedekut actually. Oyen taught me to give to the less fortunate and also those who are closed to me. Now, I can't stand looking at Oyen when she's all sombre -_-" No more daily playtime with Oyen once degree life starts. It's okay. Life moves forward.

Not sure what Allah has planned for me in the future but I hope He'll always protect me. I hope you guys will have a better view of life after this. Trust that whatever happened in your life is by His Grace and Mercy :)

Have a nice day!
PS : Kenapa aku asyik terlepas nak jumpa Yuna ni? Dang it! Erghhh


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