Esok is The Day!

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Esok is the day, guys. No, it's actually today because it's already Aug 6. Haha! I'm going to UiTM Kampus Bandar Melaka for the registration day, Minggu Destini Siswa (orientation week/7-11 Aug) and the rest of my upcoming 3years degree in International Business  there (maybe).

Alhamdulillah because Allah granted my wish to extend the remaining hari bermalasan. Truly grateful. 5 days meant so much to me.

I'm not sure of my feelings for tomorrow but I am sleepy now (12.45am). Dont worry, I'll sleep this time :)

I hope things will go smoothly tomorrow. Life goes on. This is what I want though. I shouldn't complaint. I hope I'll do better this time despite the unfamiliar concepts of business. New things are always fun to learn! Mcm makanan baru yg kita tk sabar nak rasa!

Maybe at this point I am missing one of my reader here. Not sure whether that person is reading this post or not. Maybe that explains why I'm not sure of my feelings for tomorrow. Maybe there wasn't the same kind of force that usually assure me. Maybe that person is missing me too. Maybe that person is eating right now. Maybe that person wonders how I am gonna survive. Maybe that person worries about me but the endless sky separate the thoughts. Maybe I am just too sleepy that I typed crap and you all just read that..... hahahaha..

Better sleep now.
Good night, peeps.

Maybe I wasn't typing crap.
O Allah, You know better of what I know not.


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