Wish List.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Im not sure what is going with me these days but Im getting back the mood for more vlogs. The last time I had an attempt to do a vlog was during my trip to Korea but due to certain reasons, I can't do it and yes, it saddened me to the core. Hello, who gets to travel to Korea frequently? Im not a royal blood duhh hahaha.

When I was in school, I enjoy recording moments with my friends, I made videos for my friends' birthdays etc. I enjoyed recording random things, put it together and see the outcome. Such bliss is weird actually haha.

Year 2008 was the year when Ayah bought 450d for me. I was the happiest but then a year later, it had problem with the autofocus for quite a long time till I almost finished my matriculation study programme, which is this year. The cost to repair was absurd haha hence those years of hiatus. 

While 450d was resting, I used RICOH to shoot videos and snap pictures. Not that I know all the cinematography-photography kinda things but those things made me happy, so I keep doing it, esp by having this blog, it's easier to post pictures and bebel about it.

Year 2011, Ayah agreed to buy 4s and again, I was superrr happy because Apple never failed to awe me with its camera quality. It was more easier than RICOH. Imma happy kid till last Feb, a fat indian lady stole the phone. RIP.

Now, with all the liberation that I have to explore Melaka with my friends, I began to gain back the mood to do vlogs, or travelogs. Oh my, so freaking happy ah this thing. I did realize that Final Cut Pro prone to work best via Mac and therefore, I had a wish list that sync with all the getting-back-the-mood thingy. Such spoil brat ah you, nisa...

So, here's a little Nesa's wish list (sape la peduli benda ni woi) :

1. 5D Mark II (with 50mm lens pls haha).
I havent really studied in depth about photography due to the lack of leisure time, but I had the time to discover stunning pictures by this camera. Ok, it's not the camera that solely does wonders, actually the lens that does the magic touch, ok peeps. But I still want this baby, it has been on my wish list up there on the tabs of this blog since 2010 agaknya. 4 tahun, no progress lol. Dulu selalu bukak blog Glisters n Blisters, a singaporean fashion blogger, she used this camera and her pictures are fuhhh power. These days I enjoyed watching Rewan Ishak as he shoot using this camera.

Nah, tengok in HD. Aku dah repeat puluh kali agaknya.

2. 13inch Macbook Air.
Ok ini fancy kan. Konon mcm takda laptop, but yes, the truth is, I don't. Currently using Ayah's laptop. Even my lil bros have their own PC -_- poor kakak, so malas belajar, got no reward from Ayah n Mak lol haha. I like this Mac because it's sleek, slim and easy to carry. As far as Im concern, Apple products hardly lag/hang/siput-speed, that's the pro of Mac. Other than that, I am soooo eager to get my hands on Final Cut Pro soooo freakinggg badly. Ah, such heaven to edit videos, Allah knows. It's so light, I can just plonk it inside my handbag (tipu, aku jarang sekali ber-handbag) and just go to coffee shop, sipping fancy drinks (tak minum kopi) and act posh hahahahaha apabenda ni woi. astaghfirullah.. 

bila la nak merasa... (credit : google image)

3. 50mm lens.
Ini lagi satu. Been eyeing on this since years ago. I think ever since I was 14 kot. Supernab used this for her OOTD, super awesome pictures. Plus, it's light and easy to carry. Aku mmg suka benda easy to carry. Less beban to travel. Can bring my 450d. I need this pronto!

4. Travel.
I was actually planning for a solo trip to Australia next year. But doing International Business for my degree has already confined me with a study trip compulsory for everyone later in semester 5. So I needed to save up for the trip and postpone my solo trip to Oz, swap it to few small cities like Penang or Singapore. Aku mmg kaki berjalan. Maaf kan aku. Sini aku belanja sikit gmbr dkt Korea hahaha.

Sodaemun Prison tak silap aku nama tmpt ni. Tp yg penting ni prison. Lawa mcm Hogwarts hehe.

I enjoy filming people on holiday trips and even get myself filmed as in candid shots la. Hahahaha ya Allah, dasar narsis. I really need to catch up with all these wishes. In sha Allah. At least, in 5 years forward, I did something that made myself feel happy and I capture moments with the people I loved.

5D Mark, Macbook Air, 50mm lens, Travel.

Nisa, sila berjimat cermat guna duit belanja Ayah bagi tu. 
Jgn nak makan kepci (KFC) je every week. Ko ingat ko anak Tan Sri? -__-

p/s : these are the things that keep me sane.
Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


Yasmin Azila said…
holy... aku pun rindu burger daily grind yang sedap ya amat tu. *drooling*

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