Of Warga Emas and Oren.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Situation 1 :
There was this one particular day, I woke up kinda late and skipped my morning classes, attended only evening class. It was a really blurry day, my brain was loading quite slowly as I started my day absurdly late. Later then, I was at Siti Aminah when I saw an old man sat and ate lunch alone. That kind of view really broke my heart. I saw bits of rice on his cheeks as he ate quite messily. I felt like helping him. I watched as he finished eating lunch. Still, he didn't realize the bits of rice on his cheeks and near his lips. Oh poor old man.. his eyes were filled with tiredness from his past life. His face looked like he had been through so much.

I assumed that Allah was talking to me, He was giving that view to touch my heart and take me back to the roots and make me realized that there are people around me who aren't as lucky as I am. I was touched, my eyes nearly pooled. If you ever encounter this situation, how would you feel? Ke tak pernah peduli? Hahaha.

Ini belum pegi rumah orang-orang tua, mau basah lengan baju aku duk lap ayaq mata tak sudah. Im gonna spend one day at the old folks' home, inshaAllah kalau Allah setuju. Semoga dipermudahkan.

Situation 2 :
Oren, a kitten I met who volutarily slept on my lap as I listen to a briefing by a senior. Her eyes were in bad condition, she came to me and wanted to play. When she slept on lap till I got cramps, I realized how much sympathy and love I have for cats these days. A creature so fragile, you can never resist. SubhanaAllah. I freaking love it when her hand touches my fingers as if she wanted to grasp it. Like when babies' hand grab your finger, felt so overwhelming. Amazing how Allah created such love in our heart for animals, how we can take care of them etc. I know it's really a small thing people dont really care, but talking about kebesaran kuasa Allah in this topic is something we all should ponder upon.
Oh Allah. help me to help others.
Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


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