The end of midsem 2 break.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

So, aku betul-betul mcm tgh cuti sem ni. Dont give shit about assignment, letak je atas desk tapi tak sentuh. Jujur beb. What I've been doing? Oh well, wake up, scroll FB, go downstairs for something to eat, youtube all day. Youtube makes me happy, it keeps me sane hahahaha.

This semester we aren't "equipped" with study week. Yes, sucks. So it's crucial actually, but mehhh you gotta bertenang. As far as Im concerned, I have like 5 assignments that I need to settle down kot, malas recheck. Wow, shitloads of things, huh? Good luck, nisa! -__-"

Time was averagely fast for me. It was a bit slow for a few days and procrastination is tiring actually. Hahahaha. Gila. I can imagine the amount of sleep hours I will get after this. Also, the eyebags. Oh have fun, nisa! -__-"

goodbye calorie count. 
I just found my mosssssst favourite snack which is Garrets macadamia caramel popcorn which is extraordinarily freakin superrr expensive (for me), that one in the picture cost about RM36 include GST. But the taste, peh peh pehhhhhhh. I likeeeeee!

I actually planned to make a vlog but it didnt succeeded because I procrastinated a lot. Merapu bazir masa, so I was rushing while making the vlog and I thought that it's not nice, so I skipped it and thought of doing it later when I have "so much" time -__-"

But I have made a short vlog actually, cuma tak post dkt Youtube. In few days time, I'll post it okay! Maybe I'll head to Perak tomorrow to give support to my non-biological siblings aka the komandersss for Komander Kesatria Endurance Challenge. Saje mengada. Hahaha. 

Ok lah, bas aku pukul 9pm, skrg dh pkl 8pm. I better get ready. Till then, guys!
Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


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