WEEK 4 & 5 / SEM 2 Degree

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Week 4 :
It was another week wasted with procrastination, I guess. I haven't been productive yet. No one-page notes ever made so far. No past year questions that looked appealing to me. I went back and forth to class, balik merepeut main phone, overslept, watched movies, borak more and more. Wasted, I know. Went to Jln TAR on saturday (April 28), accompanied my housemate Syira to buy kain baju raya. Bought 2 shawls of striking colours (yellow and pink). Pehh, berapa lama aku tak beli shawls seh hahaha. Oh did I forgt to say that I had lunch with one of the most charming senior we have in UiTM KBM? Hahahaha. He won't read this, dont worry. Pffttt. 

Did perform on stage for sketsa My Love From Dhaka during Malam Serangkai Mawar, an event under Kelab Warisan Budaya. I was being an amoi, probably a converted muslim amoi hahahaha. No script but we all did well despite the time constraint to practice. Ahh, the feeling of doing what I love!
It was a week of leisure that passed by sooo quickly.

Week 5 :
Probably the most healthiest week ever so far because my bimbo buddies (Ika, Hajar and Pow) and I have started our jogging routine. It would usually be a UiTM>Kg Morten route or UiTM>Banda Hilir route. Probably because we bought new parka, so semangat lebih lah. Oh damn yes, I need to shred down these weights I gained during last semester break. Did my cardio last semester most of the evenings but ditched it during sem break. Then I bloomed like a pear -_- an inverted pear, I supposed. My cheeks are just pffffftttt so cute, ppl get jealous and calling me names -__-

I have 11 more weeks before final exam started. I need someone to slap me real hard to make me realize that. 8 more weeks to the due date of the challenge from my best friend, she dared me to lose weights hahaha belanja makan eh Yasmin :p

Okay, got to go guys! Buka puasa hehe
Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


Anonymous said…
Dah kne pakse bru nak post. Hmmmm 😩😩😩😩 hahahahhaa okay dah puas stalk. Bye! Hahahhaa
Nesayang said…
Hahahahaha tau dah ni sape ni :'D
Nesayang said…
hahahahaha kau kenapa amri?

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