WEEK 6 / SEM 2 Degree

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

It has been quite a good week for me, alhamdulillah. Have started my lil efforts towards a better cgpa lol hahahaha apabenda ni. Idk where is the part I put my effort but I know this week is better than the previous ones. Baby steps, I suppose.

I just can't wait for midsem break. I have high hope that midsem break would be fully utilized. How? Well, the planning part is always the fanciest -.-" So, I had to ditch planning but sticking to a motto which is "time has to be fully utilized".

It's gonna be tough. Too much distractions at home.

But before heading home, I will have to face 3 tests -.- Im gonna be dead. So, lets pray that everything goes smoothly for me okay? I need to get higher carry marks and a less worry during final exam. (you have no idea how cuak and stressful I was last semester due to the low carry marks for almost ALL of the subjects). It was torture. Alhamdulillah, I passed all papers. Mission accomplished. Hahaha.

my classmates :)

Seeing how I progress this week made me realized that I am still at a carefree phase. Its okay, inspiration will come soon and I'll get my pace like matriculation days, insyaAllah.

The highlight of this week was IBUC (International Business Unity Club) Unity Day. Its kinda like a family day for us IB students. It was one heck fun activityyyyy. I felt like a lil kid again. Well, this time is a bit different. A lil bit of tak puas hati here and there. Mind-wise, grown ups never grow actually. We tend to rage easily especially when we felt like our rights have been discriminated. Kononnya. Funny how adulthood made us more restrained, rigid and boring. 

I enjoy being a lil childish sometimes. I know at certain times, I should remember my limit but you see, growing up have made us all as monsters. we call it being responsible for the things we should but we took it wrongly. We discuss less, we dominate more. That is just imbalance. This, my friend, is naturally can't be avoided.

forever baju KMS hahahaha meet Ika!

I enjoy being childish. That's why certain people still refuse to believe that I am at my age now. Being at a state of child-like in my mind made me absorbs stress better. That's just how I grow. I stay being the same Nisa/Anis as I was born, a child at heart. I grow my creative ways to escape from problem through the child-like mind.

We all have a child within us that might have gone or still there but too shy to show up because we think growing up looked more cool if we act all posh and dedicated. One day, when you found someone who can accept that child-like behaviour within you, you keep that person. I havent. Need to find him when things are settling down, I guess. Eh. Him? Apa ni hahahahaha.

Oh btw geng, I signed up for something a bit crazy this week. Something I never planned. I saw it coming and I thought I better do it now because later it'll cost me time and money. Wait till I reveal it. Hahahaha. Goshh. Epic. Takdir is just funny sometimes. MashaAllah. Hahahaha.

my fav goons.
Good week ahead, guys! 

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


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