KKEC 2015.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 


thanks for having me, guys!

Aku sebenarnya dah quit jadi komander (tak tau nak sambung balik ke tak, dont question me) tapi nilai adik-beradik antara komander baru (KB aka junior) aka aku dgn budak2 ni mmg umpphhh!! Hahahaha aku salahkan senior yang padu sebab instill such strong bonding among us. Mmg dlm keluarga komander, everyone is your abang adik kakak whatever, your siblings. You take care of each other. Aku agak happy ada clan camni dkt Melaka. Alhamdulillah!

So, KKEC is Komander Kesatria Endurance Challenge. Dah nama komander mesti endurance harus diuji. So, kali ni aktiviti yg ada were jalan lasak, archery, frisbee, larian, cycling, etc. 

Few weeks ago, aku suddenly terfikir nak gi tgk dorang, bg support. By that, I have no other solution than renting a car and drive all the way to Perak, most probably alone. Yes, it did happen. I drove alone from Melaka to UiTM Seri Iskandar, 5 freaking hours. Despite the Waze apps that can't track down my location aka tak leh guna, I continued my journey depending on signboards and asking locals.

Tegar gila en, dari melaka smpai perak. Tidur sana satu malam je. But I learnt a lot from this trip!

1. it was the door to adulthood for me.
aku tak layak lagi ada kereta sendiri, so bila dkt Shah Alam, people drive for me --parents, best friends. Dkt Melaka ni aku byk jog or walk je nak ke mana2, unless ada yg baik hati bagi tumpang. I rarely drive unless parents aku suruh (which is also rare hahaha). So, you can judge my driving skill. it doesnt matter bcz I know I have no fear to drive hahaha. So, being me who rarely drive and had to drive to perak literally alone, a new place with nobody beside to be my co pilot was quite fun and adventurous.  God knows how many songs I sang in the car just to avoid myself from dozing off. Hahaha. Yes, driving alone to a new place really requires valor and independence, lagi2 bila kau perempuan kan. It was actually something that I really want for quite a long time. You know, travelling to a new place, alone, driving for a long journey and you get to ponder upon life and try out new routes. Impressively, aku tak sesat hahaha. Thanks akak tol and shell, penunjuk arah yg jelas. It wasn't hard nak cari UiTM tu cuma....jauh nak mampuihhh, aku ni dah la tak penyabar -__-"

2. you need to try out things that people thought you cant do.
bcz I know people freak out when I drive hahaha. Trust me, I have improved a lot. Kalau tak, tak sampai Perak sgsorang wei. aku fhm aku ni perempuan tapi oh please, ini 2015, bukan aku je yg prnh drive jauh sgsorang. Aku tak nafikan lah risks tu ada tapi wei ini hidup doh. risks are everywhere. so what? just do it je. when people degrade you by telling you or making faces to what you wanna do, just keep doing it, make sure it's the right thing to do, caliberate your niat right, do it. you'll be surprised at how proud you will be nanti. I was soooo satisfied bila dah smpai Kolej Angsana tu. Felt sooooo good!

reaching Perak..
3. you gotta have confidence even if that's the last thing you can do.
they freaked out sbb they thought I was just kidding when I said I'll be there for them. in life, there will always be things that you are not good at (as for me, ppl thought that i drive ike a crazy baboon, so yeah, i thought that im not good at it hahaha but sometimes they insist me to drive. ah my life, filled with conflicted yet lovely ppl), but that's not the point, my friend. the point is when you seek knowledge, have courage and you give it a try. i got nothing to lose by travelling alone just to meet my non-biological siblings. i was a bit uncertain of the location but i gotta gather my confidence, start the engine and drive. dlm hidup pun sama. Ayah always say "tak rugi mencuba", I took his advice to another level. sometimes, you gotta test yourself and confidence. you have to! trust me, it's fun to do crazy stuffs sometimes hahaha try ah! 

4. dont hope for people to be nice in return of your kindness.
this is bullshit lah dari dulu lagi. please dont freaking expect ok, guys. you do good stuffs to make yoursef feel puas hati. you dont live to impress ppl. you dont live to fulfill ppl's expectation ok. tapi kau loser lah kalau kau takda benda nice and kind nak buat to other ppl. just my two cents. aku rasa kita semua patut ada satu benda nice yg kita buat utk org everyday. sampai one point yg mana kalau kau tak buat benda cool nice and kind to ppl, you'll feel incomplete and your day wasn't funny enough. aku seriously cant go a day without cracking silly jokes to my housemates. i can not live my day without being funny and silly hahahaha that's just me, deal with it, brats.

5. believe that in life, there will always be ppl who will back you up.
yes, ada masa yg kau tak dihargai ke whatever, kau kena cari org yg akan pat your back and back you up, give you cool support and protect you. ada org camni dlm hidup kau. kau kena pandai cari. give it a try. how? mingle around. bercampur dgn semua jenis org. be nice, stay that way, be yrself. boleh sedih, tp tk pyh pathetic sgt ah hahahaha sikit2 boleh la sedih. believe yg mmg akan ada org yg syg kau, support kau, lap air mata kau, tepuk dahi kau kalau kau down sgt.

Whoever says I cant drive has got to read this post hahaha. Dlm hidup, mmg akan ada org yg berkorban bersusah payah utk kau. Kalau kau rasa takda, kau mmg hampeh tak observant n bersyukur. hahaha. They said I was too tegar, but I guess they never felt so much of love that they make time for the people who were once be there for them. I am honestly selfish but travelling to Perak for them was actually a way for me to get rid of that bad part of me slowly. Someday, I'll have to travel from different continents to be for my family, I'll have to travel abroad for my children and so on, it wont be a fun trip if I do it out of a selfish Anisah. A selfish Anisah doesnt do things for ppl, she only cares abt attending to her needs and wants.

Well guys, Anisah surely doesnt want a selfish life partner, so she had to change herself from now, hadnt she? :p oh but still, she can't do these extra tegar things for something ppl call "boyfriend-lover" because she thought that it aint worth anything and nobody has ever got the umpph to make Anisah travels to different continents just to see him :)

p.s : Im back with my travelling mod since my parents took me to Krabi last weekend. i hope i can save up for Melbourne and study trip next year. lets make it happen, nisa! ^_^
p.s : i'll update about Krabi and vlogs after Im done with few assignments that i have delayed hehe.
Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


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