WEEK 11 / SEM 2 Degree Life.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
MasyaAllah, berhabuk blog ni.

Sebenarnya, aku tak kategori kan diri aku busy tahap takda masa langsung nak blogging. Blogging ni perlu kan satu masa senggang yg mana otak aku pun clear nak merepek. Blogging in rush is so not me. Ceh. Bajet.

Week 11 has been quite a hard journey for me. Lets just confess it here, nisa. Okay, I joined teater lagi for this semester. Yes, a risk I took. Hahahaha. So, I was occupied with latihan teater at night. I had to jadi a real lady this time. No more Shah Hamdan, the brutal girl. This time, Im Maziah, a girlish classy anak datin who is so in love with her boyfriend, Hadi. I suck at being a real lady. I dont talk demurely. Still working on it though. This wednesday will be the full rehearsal. I must not screw this up because I saw Rahman (Hadi) work hard for his role and to sync with Maziah. Blessed to have such partner.

Next, I was quit occupied with designing poster and banner for Ace Fitness, an event organized by Komander Kesatria. Crazy huh? Someone who quit but still offering herself to work with them. I actually offered to design je, but they assigned me as Biro Multimedia. Stress aku. Ishh. Hahaha. Designing was hard because otak aku jem takda idea for days. Ergh. Now it's done. Im gonna submit those things today and my job is partially done. Wish me luck!

Next, Sukan Antara Program (SAP). I joined volley ball and kawad in the first place tapi sbb aku penuh dgn latihan teater at night, I cant attend latihan for these two so I had to quit. Ended up, aku pegang banner IBUC (International Business Unity Club) je dgn Rahman. Hahaha, Rahman lagi. Semua benda Rahman. Pening Rahman melayan adik perempuan sorang yg blur ni. He's really a supportive big brother.

more pics, coming soon. dont judge my photography skill hahaha its been awhile since i used my 450d.

Masa berjalan pantas. Dah week 11, few weeks to go and we'll face final exam. Fuh!

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


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