4am, tak boleh tidur.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

Have you ever felt just for once in life like you wanna have someone whose existence make you feel happy and just by the mere existence of that creature makes you feel like you are capable of being an awesome creature too?

Have you ever sit at Starbucks and wondering what it feels like to have someone who is sitting in front of you, joking upon how your choice of frappe isnt the best, but you still manage to smile because it is always the best when you have that one person right in front of you?

Have you ever be on a roadtrip, packing your stuffs for the trip, preparing all your gadgets and suddenly you realize another one thing missing is a partner?

June babies. Happy birthday Shuhadha!! :)

Have you ever go shopping, you belek sana sini, you roam everywhere searching for the perfect thingssss to buy and you suddenly realized that if only you have a partner, shopping wouldn't be dull because you have that partner to talk with and crack jokes?

But having a partner is tedious isn't it? 

Ah fudge this. The rubbish that came up to my mind at 5am when I cant sleep and I dont feel like I should be studying because studying at this moment is boring hahahaha.

Omg guys, I hope you ignored what came up from my freakin brain.
 I forgot how it feels like to have a partner. Yes, I sprint at moving on.

Selamat sahur!
Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


Syahirah said…
Cerita sekarang mcm mana aku nak contact kau weh? Nak nombor phone la.
Nesayang said…
hahahaha ok jgn marah. nanti aku whatsapp :)

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