Sahur Inspiration.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

I just had sahur with my family after days of not waking up for sahur haha! My sleeping patterns went haywire each time Im home. Idk why. There's like some sort of force that keeps me away from sleeping at normal timing. I would usually slept around 4am and obviously I hear not the banging of the door (they did wake me up). I heard it but just a slight of sound that is enough to drag me back to sleep haha!

So today, I force myself to get up and help Mak to set the eating space. We normally sit bersila on the floor, with surat khabar spread open. The sunnah and kampung way here guys. It's totally a norm in this house. Having the 6 of us eating at the dining table is....really freaking weird. We only eat at the dining table if we have guest (s), but if we have ample amount of guests, bersila lah semua gamaknya.

So that is just the intro.


What caught my attention this morning was the fact that I learnt something new. Okra (sayur bendi warna hijau tu) boleh makan kalau muda je, can not cook if it is 'tua'. It will be liat, can not kunyah or potong also. Kitchen and I are not really best friends, fyi. I rarely cook (I know how to cook okay, it's just that Im an awkward goon in the kitchen). I know how to masak asam pedas tau. Lol. (blerghhh. I used to masak asam pedas for my non-existent boyfriend tu. so blerghh nak muntah blerghhh you know the story).

Another thing that caught my attention was realizing the fact that Mak has a husband who is quite helpful and I have a father who is not a dictator (a dictator in the house only knows to eat but not to help, expects a good meal and critics hard when it is not a lovely meal or when there is no meal served at all). Mak was cooking sambal udang when Ayah helped her cutting the watermelon. I helped to set up the surat khabar, susun plates, cedok nasi etc. My lil brothers slept on the couch, as always. 

It is not the first time that I saw Ayah helping Mak doing house chores. I respect them both for having such great teamwork (there were times that they weren't helping each other though hahahaha). But I think Mak is lucky to have him because you know it is mad tiring to be an engineer, but he still help with few house chores (better than I do, actually hahaha). There were times when Mak wasn't feeling well, Ayah would prepare sahur for us :')

Mak is really a lucky woman. 

Though the sahur prepared by Ayah would be simple foods like maggi telur or sayur campur or sardin, I looooove how much tolerance they have for each other (there were also times that they didn't have tolerance though hahahaha). I found that (from few stories I heard), some husbands really treat their wife like kedai makan. Only know to order, never want to help. Not even a bit. That sucks. I'd rather be single till the day I die.

Im thankful to Allah with this small family that I have. No one gets a perfect family but everyone has one. Family doesnt necessarily means a father, mother and siblings. Everyone could be your family. You describe them. Allah is never cruel.

I know someday when I grow up and if Allah allows me to have children, I'll tell the stories of how much respect I have for my parents as I witness the examples that they have showed me. Why? So that they know if I failed  to become a good mom, there is always another mom --my parents.

I am truly thankful, ya Allah.

Sometimes, we failed to see the beauty of the things near us because we are too busy peeking at other things. Start counting your nearest blessings and you will be less in hurry to chase worldly things. Slow down, count your nearest blessings. Grab these nearest blessings and thank Allah for them. It will restore your faith in Him.

I am the person who needs to slow down in chasing worldly things. I have so much to do and they are all worldly stuffs. I shall pause and set only few priorities at this current time.

I hope you guys are doing great with puasa. Have a blast!

Idk what has gotten into me but I'd like to try learning how to penny boarding.
 Now y'all skeptical minded people will be calling me hipster hahahaha

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


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