WEEK 15 / SEM 2

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  

Ketahuilah (ni fav word aku skrg, dunno why) bahawa aku tengah stress tahap I dont want to give a shxt about anything, I want to eat and sleep and let everything works on its own. The state whereby I am being reckless and oblivious. Im just....too malas to freaking care whether I have tests, presentations or whatever.

Selasa depan, dlm satu hari tu aku ada 3 presentations dan 1 test. Mmg azab teruk.

Why? sebab I dont feel like making any progress because I feel like this shxt never ends hahahaha. My groupmates and I went nuts when we found out that we'll have 3 presentations next Tuesday. 3 presentations mean 3 reports.

Sekarang ni, weekend kalau free takpa tau, tapi aku occupied dgn event entrepreneurship, komander feast and dinner kolej. Oh my God. I am dead.

Serious skrg aku rasa mcm 24 hours tak cukup. Esp with me still procrastinating. I did that because I wanna escape. Being too focus on these stuffs makes me a grumpy Anisah. Like really grumpy, tak cakap dgn orang, muka ketat all the time. I dont want that. But oh God, I cant resist procrastinating. Shxt. Im a mess hahahaha. 

I hope my team and I can do this well. We only have 4 days to finish up all assignments before the submission date (before puasa). I believe in my team, very2 the awesome ones. Aku yakin ktorg mampu siapkan dan we'll make people happy with the presentations. WE WILL. I DONT CARE. I SAID, WE WILL. YOU, SHUT UP OK. HAHAHAHA!

Guys, pray for me. Aku menangis dlm hati setiap hari, tiada siapa yg tahu.....


Sebuah makhluk yg stress bersama nasi kandarnya, menanti buka puasa (puasa ganti tk habis lg woiii).
Kalau ternampak kelibat makhluk ni, say "jgn stress ok sayang?" HAHAHAHAHA see? Im stress. BYE.

Allah, bless these people.

Thank you for reading!
Have a nice day! ♥


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