Those who silently still care.

I read a post on FB saying that there will always be  one person who will really secretly care about you, then I shared the post and said "thank you if you are still there"

Idk to whom did I dedicate that post to.

But if there is a person, someone or a bunch of people who care about me silently, not letting me know, I just wanna say thank you so much..

I may not know y'all but Allah is watching your sweet gesture from above. I hope He will bless y'all with abundance of joy and ease in the world and hereafter.

Plus, to whoever that still check this blog just to know what am I up to (in a good way lah, duh), may Allah bless y'all too for your concern though not constantly, I cant repay it, but I hope Allah will.

I may overlooked these people, but I hope Allah wont.


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