Turning 23 on 23rd June.

Pada aku cantik numbering tahun ni. 23 on 23rd.

Sekali je seumur hidup.

Aku tak tau nak blog apa. Dah jarang sangat blog. Selalu duk layan termenung je sampai tak terblog dah. Sampai lupa aku ada blog rupanya and once active here, long time ago lah... haha!


aku rasa umur 23 tu mmg betul2 raw nak masuk adulthood.

Dgn degree yg nak bakal habis mid July ni, aku akan masuk alam pekerjaan dan struggle menjadi hamba sistem. Gitu.

Hello kerja pun belum tentu dapat terus. Semoga rezeki aku tak putus lepasni.

Last year, turning 22 taught me :

1. to always double check stuffs.
2. to never trust that someone is reliable enough to handle things for you hahahaha
3. remember that things are constantly changing, so dont get fixated so easily
4. believe in the power of doa and staying true to yr effort
5. give a few seconds for yrself to pause then react to a problem

Being 22 last year was the best.
I went to Beijing, Istanbul, Bursa, Mekkah and Madinah all in one year.

Yeah, I do enjoy going to different places abroad and planning to visit moreeeee after I secured a job and stable salary.

It was last year's rezeki that Allah wrote for me. I am indeed soooo thankful, especially to be performing umrah with my family. The best, SubhanaAllah.

I still have the same friends I have for the last 10 years, we still keep in touch. So grateful for them. Sure, things change but changes are sometimes good.

Idk what to expect as I turned 23. Probably this year will be the last year to live, probably this year will be more exciting, more places to visit, probably this year more good things will happen to me.

I will be grateful no matter how hard it is sometimes.

Aku tahu kadang2 hidup mmg tak mcm kita expect, some people turned their back on us, sometimes we put effort tp things still tak jadi, sometimes kita takut dgn future, sometimes bad things got into our way, and along the journey perhaps we lost what we love so dearly,


tu lah hidup dkt dunia. Sini bukan syurga, bukan tempat berehat.

When things got rough or suddenly aku ada rasa mcm fucked upnya semua benda, aku terpaksa tidurkan diri (hahaha!) supaya I forgot the pain for awhile before I can sit down and think rationally.

Bila ada masalah, benda pertama adalah tenangkan lah diri dulu. Tak jadi apa kalau tak tenang.

dan semestinya, banyak kan membaca. Never have too much self-pity, means jangan kesian sgt dkt diri kau, push a lil harder each time. Tahu, sakit dan penat, but you gotta do it tho.

Aku rasa by the age 23, I should be reading more books yg function, bukan nya yg sia2.

I hope wherever I go, I will be a good person with a good heart kalau tidak good words hehe. I sooo can not stop from cursing and being blunt :p

Apa pun yg jadi dalam hidup, take some time to pause and then resume.

Problems and risks are everywhere kan, hadaplah dgn perancangan yg betul dan future-oriented.

There are some things in life that sadden me but if I let them consume me, they will take a huge chunk of Anisah with them and probably, I can never get it back.

So whatever the fuck saddens you, make you sad, learn to ignore it, learn to handle it dgn tenang and destroy what it does to yr mental condition.

Somehow I grow so heartless because I once cared too much. Life is meant to go forward anyway, not backwards.

So, be good, do good, stay true to yr efforts, dont cheat cz more cheating less berkat, less berkat you earn nothing.

Dont only go with the flow, go through it or against it, perhaps destinasi kita is by that.

Care for other people, pray for them.

Fuck whatever happens, just live happily and only train yr eyes and heart to see good things because life is short, fellas.

To the people who love me so dearly, whoever you are, family or friends or even my peminat (hahahaha), Allah bless you all. I wont be who I am today without the love from you guys. Thank you for loving me, accepting me the way I am, being patient and...the list goes on.

Thanks for those who pray for me in secret. Allah knows :)

Forgive my wrongdoings if aku ada terguris hati sesiapa. I know Im not the best of person anyone has ever encountered. I wish everyone a happy ending...

Happy 23rd birthday to me :)

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul 2017 :)


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